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Travel, Adventure & Event Photography

My passion in photography is something that I can show and inspire others to live the most wonderful moments in present.

Beautiful moments are exists everywhere and I want to catch up them.

If you want to follow my journey just be curious and check this way what I can give you with my eyes behind the camera.   

About My Photography

What do I feel when I am taking photos? I think I feel the power of flow in my body and my mind. I am taking pictures in events, travel, adventure, portrait and lifestyle categories. I have a very open eyes to the World with my camera and I am so curious to explore new things around me. Here are some projects from the past what were big experiences to me.

About the Events

Do you know the feeling when a miracle is born? I really love to see and show these moments with my pictures! Maybe you have an event with participants in many different way, but you can give something which cause brightly eyes and “aha” moments with a big smile. My main focus to catch up these part of the events and show the positive vibe with my photos.

Visit Brazil

Visit French Alps



If you want to connect or collaborate with me, just write an e-mail to hello@doraarvai.com and I will repy!