Oldal kiválasztása


Nomad Cruise 9 // 2 weeks on the Great Atlantic Ocean

We crossed to the Atlantic Ocean with 200 digital nomad, entrepreneur and freelancer in last November. This is a journey of a lifetime filled with a lot of interesting talks and  meetups, workshops and mastermind groups with an amazing scenery!

Barcelona, Spain to Recife, Brazil

Date: 18 November – 01 December, 2019.

The breathtaking French Alps // 2 weeks on the edge of winter and summer

We had an amazing time in one of the most beautiful mountains in Europe, French Alps. This is the place where every day is special! Tiny cottages with kind people and beautiful lights in the nature.

French Alps, Avrieoux, Aussois, Mont Blanc

Date: July 2019.

My big lifechanger // Freedom X Festival

What FREEDOM LIFE would you create for you? Freedom Experience is a movement and a passion project with the aim of bringing together a like-minded group of freedom leaders and life changers. This event inspire people to look at the world in new ways, open doors that they never knew existed before and step through to a new paradigm where we truly are the creators of our own reality.

Pyrenees, Spain

Date: Augustus 2018.

The Great Red Treasure in the desert  //
Red Rock Canyon, USA

OMG! These rocks are red! Believe it or not, if you start your way between the rocks, you will be more, you will come out with new experiences of your life. This was a meditation for me.  

Red Rock Canyon, USA

Date: April 2018.