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Nomad Cruise experience through the lenses of a Hungarian photographer

Thank you for Digital Nomad Hungary team to ask me, my experiences on the conference which name is Nomad Cruise. I was really happy that I joined the team, NC staff as a photographer. Big dreams come true!

Why did you decide to join the world’s first floating Digital Nomad Conference, Nomad Cruise?

I wanted to join because I was curious about this digital nomad community and the travel destinations too. I started to build my international photography business as a location independent photographer, so it was a really important part of my journey that I could join the team as a photographer and go to the next level to create a powerful portfolio. This was my BIG DREAM in 2019 that came true, I was a part of the team and I could get a feel for this lifestyle, I saw the power of a creative community with like-minded people on incredible destinations and a big boat.

Whats a typical day like on the board?

Good question because we don’t have a typical day; every day on board has something different to offer. We have many keynote & talks for every day, meet-ups and workshops (for example.: Deep Connection), a lot of networking and skill-sharing opportunities and some land excursions (Gibraltar, Tenerife, Cape Verde). This was the first time on NC9 that we had a Day OFF which means a free day without scheduled activities. The participants can enjoy the pool outside, the bar, the gym and many other things on the boat. We have a Talent Show when you can show your passion on a big stage in music, dance, stand up comedy or what you want, you know… something which is not business.

Which program did you prefer?

Usually my favourite time was when we “landed” somewhere. I am a travel addict so I was so enthusiastic when we had the excursion time and we could explore a new place in the World. We didn’t have a lot of time outside, but we saw wild monkeys in Gibraltar, Mount Teide in Tenerife and crystal clear water in Cape Verde. I loved these excursions! Of course, I also preferred some talks in work-life balance topic and how You could start your freelancer carrier or an online business with an online course. And.. the food was really good on the cruise, it’s a fun fact but I love my belly so this was an important thing to me that I could eat a lot of veggies and fresh fruits!

What do you think, was it worth it? 

If you are a participant I think this is absolutely worth it! Participants have a lot of choices with the activities, talks and free-times, they have many opportunities to network and make new connections. Everybody has an idea about business or other creative things about life so if these open- minded people start skill-sharing or talking, maybe they can create something new. Because I was a photographer on this trip, I usually worked all day so I didn’t have much time to have deep conversations with others, but I could build my portfolio with good pictures so I think this was absolutely worth it!

Cabo Verde beach
Cabo Verde beach

What happens after Nomad Cruise?

Nomad Cruise is just the beginning! If you hear this sentence, it is definitely true! After the Cruise we have new connections with 200 other digital nomads and we can travel together to the next destinations. Oh, maybe the most important thing is that we don’t let go of each other’s hands, we are creating meetups  wherever we are, doesn’t matter if you are at a different location, because nomads are everywhere! After NC9 we arrived in Brazil, in Porto de Galinhas and the next weeks we organised meetups for every night on the main square. We had a BBQ party in the next Airbnb, a buggy ride around the closest places and acro yoga on the beach. On the boat we had two engagement so yes..

.. this is just the beginning! 

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