About My Journey

Let’s talk about my paths which I follow as a travel, event, adventure photographer and graphic designer

How could I started to live my independent lifestyle and built a business about photography and graphics

My adventure with photography started when I was really young girl with a little camera which could helped me to live my creativity and show my family and friends what I see in the World. So, I wanted to continue this way and I took a lot of picture about nature, because I love to travel and explore new places which are close to the nature. I thought that I would be a biologist or georgraper but I am moving on the artist way so I studied graphic design at the University.

My final project and thesis was a digital magazine was about the love of traveling and community building with a little excursion. I created the whole part of this project, the visual appearance, design, photos and videos.

After the University I started to work with a media agency as a graphic designer in my home base, in Budapest.  Besides of this work, in 2018, I started to build my freelance carrier because I wanted to start my own business to create my projects and managing my time and travel more as a location independent, digital nomad.

This is a very exciting journey in my life with amazing adventures in my carrier or relationships with other collaborations and working with new cool projects.

In photography I specialize in travel, events, portrait and lifestyle photography, however, I don’t limit myself If an interesting opportunity comes along.

In graphic design I specialize brand and logo design, prints and webdesigns, but I have experiences to create concert visual and something what is different.
I love to work with plant-based, eco-friendly brands because one of my mission to build a healthier life on our planet.

Now I am working on my online business and some location independent photography projects. I have a travel blog with my stories and pictures in hungarian language (because I am hungarian), you can check it out if you want:


Combining my passion with work gives me the greatest pleasure and I hope that’s reflected in how I interact with and care about my customers.



  • Freedom X Festival – Spain, 2018.
  • Freelancer Fridays – Hungary, Budapest, 2019.
  • Freelancer Festival – Hungary, Budapest,  2019.
  • Freedom X Festival – Hungary, Budapest, 2019.
  • Startup Safari Budapest – Hungary, 2019.
  • Y-project – Hungary, Budapest, 2019.
  • Woman retreat – Hungary, Fácánkert, 2019.
  • Simplicity Festival – Hungary, Budapest, 2019.
  • NOMAD CRUISE 9 – Spain to Brazil, 2019.


  • USA trip I. – Los Angeles, California, 2018.
  • Lisbon 2018.
  • Spain 2018.
  • French Alps 2019.
  • Brazil, 2019.

My Mission

One of my mission with photography to capture great moments in other people life when they are happy and eyes are brightening. I want to create beautiful memories about these moments and help to live in again that feelings what you felt. This is my superpower that I can give you.


Worldwide / Budapest, Hungary, Europe

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